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and find the art & joy of seeing your artwork on fabric, stationery, home decor and more.


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Are you feeling like...

 you don't really know if there is room for you in this industry

  you don't have the technical skills to create repeat patterns

 you have no idea how to find and reach out to potential clients

Wanting to put all that in your rearview mirror?


For only $299 you get all this:

✓ You'll learn how to discover potential clients and how to approach them.
 You'll learn how to compose patterns that are well balanced and pleasing to the eye
 You’ll learn how to create patterns in Procreate, Photoshop or Illustrator
 You’ll learn how to price your work and write up licensing contracts
 You'll gain motivation, confidence and skills that will get you clients
A beautiful, cohesive nature inspired collection ready to send to potential clients

 *No risk 14 day money back guarantee*

Total Value = $695


Join the Learn with Mel community of other creatives who are now following their dreams and building their careers with confidence.

Take a look at what people have said...

I recommend this course to artists with a serious interest in surface design. It is the most comprehensive course I have taken.

- Anne

Absolutely loved The Art and Joy of Surface Pattern Design course. It helped me find the Joy in pattern design again!

- Judy

"A must-have course! The content is awesome and detailed! I must say huge thanks for sharing the transcript as well; most helpful for non-native speakers and hearing impaired!!!" 

- Eleni

Are you just starting out as a Surface Pattern Designer?

Not sure where you are on your journey?

Maybe you just need a little direction?

Plus tools, skills and knowledge that could take your career to the next level?

Not confident in your drawing skills?

No idea what a half-drop repeat is?

Don't worry,

I'm here to help you.

The Art & Joy of Surface Pattern Design will help you...

>>    Learn how to create basic and complex pattern designs in different software platforms

>>    Learn how to create a bank of colours that are cohesive and represent YOU!!

>>    Why struggle with coming up with colour palettes, pricing your work or writing contracts?

>>    I'll show you all that, and more so you'll create more time to develop your portfolio, and more time to draw, resulting in patterns that will sell.

You'll learn the creative, the technical & the business side of Surface Pattern Design

All of which are important to growing your creative business and ditching the day job! 

I have 10+ years of experience working in this industry and even longer as a freelancer.  

This has given me the backbone to survive creative blocks, dips in income, and the uncertainty of what's next.

I want to pass that knowledge on to you so you too can build a sustainable career that pays the mortgage.

And gives you the freedom to feel the joy of creating patterns.

I'll show you the Art & Joy of Surface Pattern Design

Get this for $299 now!

You will... 

 Learn how to create a cohesive and consistent bank of colours

Learn how to find clients, reach out to them, price your work and write contracts

 Learn how to create technical repeats in Photoshop, Illustrator & Procreate

Wondering what's included?

Take a peek inside..


The Fundamentals

Completely new to Surface Pattern Design? No problem! In the first week, you'll learn the fundamentals of Surface Pattern Design.  

What does it include:

You'll learn about my own journey and a little insight into my business

You'll learn how to make money as a Surface Pattern Designer

 You'll learn how to develop your signature style

 You'll learn how to discover licensing opportunities

$65 Value


Finding Inspiration, Colour & Sketching

In this module, you'll lay the groundwork for creating a pattern.

This includes:

Finding Inspiration, Generating Ideas & Creating a Moodboard

 Sketching Motifs

 Colour Theory

 Creating a Colour Bank

$65 Value


Colour & Texture

In this module, I'll show you how to colour your icons.  I will be doing this traditionally, as well as in Procreate, Photoshop and in Illustrator. You can pick and choose which one you'd prefer or have a go at all of them.

This includes:

 How to know what platform/software to use

 How to colour your motifs in Procreate

How to colour your motifs in Photoshop

How to colour your motifs in Illustrator

 How to colour your motifs traditionally

$65 Value


Pattern Composition

This module is HUGE and may require a little longer than the other modules to make your way through.  You'll learn the fundamentals of pattern composition as well as how to create basic and complex repeat patterns on different platforms

This includes:

 Pattern Composition Fundamentals

Pattern Composition in Procreate

Pattern Composition in Photoshop

Pattern Composition in Illustrator

$200 Value


Pattern Collections

In this module, I'll show you why, when and how to create Pattern Collections.

This includes:

 Pattern Collection Fundamentals

Colourways & Displaying your Collection in Photoshop

Colourways & Displaying your Collection in Procreate

Colourways & Displaying your Collection in Illustrator

 How to display your collection on a sales page for potential clients

$132 Value


The Business of Surface Pattern Design

This module is also HUGE and may require a little longer than the other modules to make your way through.  You'll the business side of surface pattern design.

This includes:

 Putting together a portfolio and getting clients

 How to Price, write contracts & copyright

 Preparing files for print, getting an agent and marketing

 Creating a passive income, mockups & tools for your business

$168 Value

You may be wondering...

I want to make sure you love it + you get awesome results!

I get it, times like these even the smallest of investments make you think twice. So I am taking away all the risk.

Because if you jump in and buy this amazing course today, you are 100% covered by my 14-day money-back guarantee.

Hey there,

I'm Mel


I'm an award-winning Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer from the coolest capital in the world, Wellington, New Zealand.

I’m excited to introduce you to an industry that changed my life.  If you’re a painter, an artist, a doodler, or a digital artist, you are about to step into a whole new realm that will change your life, your confidence, your income and your future.

To say this is a dream career is an understatement!

My clients have included Spotlight (AUS/NZ), Lilipinso, Walnut Shoes, Auzou, American Greetings, Hallmark, and Graphique de France

Surface Pattern Design also catapulted my career in children’s picture book illustration. With that, I've been incredibly lucky to work with publishers such as Scholastic UK, Harper Collins, and Random Penguin House, just to name a few.

Surface Pattern Design is an exciting industry with room for you and your unique style.

Sharing what I know and what I've learned over the years is something I'm passionate about. I love nothing more than seeing my students grow and succeed in growing their creative businesses. Lilla Rogers, an art agent in the US, says, "people buy your joy".  I believe this to be true.  If you're passionate about what you do, you will not fail.  The opportunities in this industry are endless.

What's waiting for you?

Let me show you what’s waiting for you when you join the Art & Joy of Surface Pattern Design.

 6 modules with a total of 41 lessons, all with a video and accompanying workbook/pdf for each lesson.

✓ 24/7 access to the online classroom, which can be accessed from your phone or desktop

 12 months of Access to our exclusive Learn with Mel community where you can get support, ask questions and feel inspired.


For only $299 you get all this:

✓ MODULE 1 - The fundamentals ($65 value)
✓ MODULE 2 - Finding inspiration, colour theory and sketching ($65 value)
✓ MODULE 3 - Colour & Texture ($65 value)
✓ MODULE 4 - Pattern Composition ($200 value)
✓ MODULE 5 - Pattern Collections ($132 value)
✓ MODULE 6 - The Business of Surface Pattern Design ($168 value)


✓ FREE access to the Learn with Mel Community for 12 months where you can take part in challenges, live Q&A's with mel and more.

 *No risk 14-day money-back guarantee*

Total Value = $766.95 Value

Todays price = $299


I'm ready

Join the Learn with Mel community of other Surface Pattern Designers who have gained the skills and confidence to take their career to the next level.

Take a look at what students have said...

"This course was amazing and far exceeded my expectations.

Definitely one of the best courses I've ever taken. The information was very comprehensive and thorough. If you follow along and stay on track with the assignments each week, you will be ready to open your Spoonflower shop by the end of the course!"


- Michelle

"I have learnt a lot, thank you Mel!

This course is full of very useful advice, from pattern making techniques in 3 (!) different software, building collections, developing your style and career, and the business side of SPD, which is full of resources so hard to find! Mel's style of teaching is very clear, friendly, and motivating. The exercises are leading you step by step, from the beginning, where you create your motifs, to the final pattern collection. I have learnt a lot, thank you Mel!"

- Dana

"So very pleased I registered for this course. It exceeded my expectations.

A fabulous tutor delivering a brilliant course on all facets of surface pattern design, along with high-quality, downloadable resources. I now feel I can develop my art into a further income stream. Thank you so much, Mel, for sharing so generously your knowledge and expertise."

- Gill

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