Discover how to turn your passion for art into a thriving career.

Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer, Mel Armstrong, is dedicated to providing you with the skills to build your dream career.

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Mel has been a top teacher on Skillshare for over 5 years.  She is now delighted to bring you more individualised and content-packed classes.

The Art & Joy of Surface Pattern Design

Mel's Signature Masterclass

Build a career selling beautiful surface pattern designs.  Learn the ins and outs of Surface Pattern Design by creating a nature-inspired pattern collection using either Procreate,  Photoshop or Illustrator.  This self-paced 6-module course will take you through the creative, technical and business side of Surface Pattern Design.

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The Business of Surface Pattern Design

Nurture your creative dreams by learning how to set up your creative business for success.  This is a short self-paced course designed to help you turn your patterns into a thriving business.

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Create Geometric Patterns using Procreate® on the iPad

Learn how to create a number of simple geometric patterns using Procreate® on the iPad.  

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Mel, an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Wellington New Zealand.  I work with clients all over the world illustrating children's picture books and licensing surface pattern designs.  One of my passions is passing on my own knowledge and insight to help other creatives who are on a similar journey.

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Skillshare classes

I am ranked as one of Skillshare’s Top Teachers, putting me in the top 1% of teachers on the platform.  My classes cover a range of topics for Surface Pattern Designers and Illustration from beginners to advanced levels.  Join over 100,000 students who have taken one my classes.  Here are some of my student's favourites.

Paint to Pattern

Turn your traditional artwork into patterns using Adobe Photoshop.

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Illustrate a Children's Book Cover

Learn how to design a Children's Book cover in Procreate

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Surface Pattern Design Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of surface Pattern design using Adobe Illustrator.

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