Learn The Business of

Surface Pattern Design

Nurture your creative dreams by learning how to set up your creative business for success.  This is a short self-paced course designed to help you turn your patterns into a thriving business.

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Learn The Business of

Surface Pattern Design

Sign up now for this short self-paced coursed designed to help you turn your patterns into a thriving business.

Nurture your creative dreams by learning how to set up your creative business for success.

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A course for Surface Pattern Designers...

wanting to learn how to build their creative business in surface pattern design.  

Do you know how to find and approach potential clients? How to manage royalties, price your work, create contracts and earn a passive income?

These are just some of the areas I'll be covering in this course.

Sounds Good!


Here's a sneak peek into the modules and what you'll be learning in the Business of Surface Pattern Design.


Tools & Tips for developing your unique style and building your creative career.

Lesson 1: Building your creative Career

Lesson 2: Finding your unique style


Tools & Tips for discovering and pitching to clients & agents

Lesson 1: Discover Licensing Opportunities

Lesson 2: Displaying your Portfolio

Lesson 3: Getting an agent

Lesson 4: Pitching to clients


Understanding Pricing, Licensing & Earning Passive Income

Lesson 1: Pricing

Lesson 2: How to create Passive Income through POD and Digital Asset websites


Bonus lessons for managing your creative business

Lesson 1: Copyright

Lesson 2: Marketing & Social Media

Lesson 3: Tools for Managing your Creative Business


This is what my students say...

Cheryl Whitener

Student of The Business of Surface Pattern Design

This is an excellent course for anyone interested in pursuing surface pattern design. Mel anticipated all of my questions and more. Her delivery was concise and easy to understand. Thank you, Mel! This course was exactly what I was looking for!

Josette Blackburn

Student of The Business of Surface Pattern Design

Mel Armstrong's course The Business of SPD is essential if you have just made the decision to enter the field. And if you are already in Surface Pattern Design, it provides the essentials to take you to the next level. The field of SPD is growing and there are a lot of ways to learn and courses to learn from. Mel Armstrong cuts through the clutter. As a beginner, you can learn exactly what you are getting into and where to begin. As a more seasoned Surface Pattern Designer, you can self evaluate, check and tweak your own progress of development in the field, and ultimately level up by the end of the course. I will continue to use the course as a reference to advance my career. This course is for all levels. I wish I had it at the beginning of my journey, but I'm glad that I have it now.

Linda Warner Constantino

Student of The Business of Surface Pattern Designer

I highly recommend this course if you are considering going into this field! Mel gives a great overview of Surface Design and lots of practical advice. I will also say the course is nicely designed and very well organized!

Hello! I’m Mel,

I'm an award-winning Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer from the coolest capital in the world Wellington, New Zealand.

I’m so excited to introduce you to an industry that changed my life.  If you’re a painter, an artist, a doodler, or a digital artist, you are about to step into the whole new realm that will change your life, your confidence, your income and your future.

To say this is a dream career is an understatement!

My clients have included Spotlight (AUS/NZ), Lilipinso, Walnut Shoes, Auzou, American Greetings, Hallmark, and Graphique de France

Surface Pattern Design also catapulted my career in children’s picture book illustration and with that I've been incredibly lucky to work with publishers such as Scholastic UK, Harper Collins, and Random Penguin House, just to name a few.

Surface Pattern Design is an exciting industry that has room for you and your unique style.

Sharing what I know and what I've learned over the years is something I'm really passionate about. I love nothing more than seeing my students grow and succeed in growing their own creative businesses. 

Lilla Rogers, an art agent in the US says "people buy your joy".  I believe this to be true.  If you're passionate about what you do, you will not fail.  The opportunities in this industry are endless.

Mel Armstrong

Invest in your career in 2022

The Business of Surface Pattern Design Course 


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So let's recap.  You'll get...

  • Over 10 videos explaining the Business of Surface Pattern Design

  • PDF Downloads for each lesson for you to keep forever
  • Exercises to help you discover licensing opportunities
  • 12 months of access to the online classroom, but lifetime access to the class content (via download)
  • You’ll gain motivation, confidence and skills that will get you clients

  • An understanding of contracts, royalties, pricing and copyright
  • Tips on how to create a passive income

What are you waiting for?

There are clients out there in this industry waiting for your beautiful unique style of high-quality patterns to put on their products now!!

Show me how!

This course is for those who...

  • are an artist or illustrator (traditional or digital) and have a passion and pull towards patterns
  • are a surface pattern designer with a portfolio of patterns, but unsure how to license them
  • have an understanding that success doesn’t happen overnight and that it requires hard work and dedication.
  • have a passion for learning and an open mind
  • are ready to take your art to the next level
Yes, that's me!

This course is not for those who...

  • don’t like drawing and/or have no experience in painting or drawing
  • have no experience in surface pattern design
  • don’t have the time or motivation to learn new skills
  • aren't prepared to put in the work and be open to learning
  • aren't interested in supporting others in the community
Sign me up!

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and approach your dream clients?

I’ll show you how to reach out to those clients you feel are a good fit for your designs and to discover clients you probably didn't know existed.

In this course, I’m going to dive deep into the business side of the Surface Pattern Design industry, all of which have led me to a 6 figure income.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence, the motivation and the know-how to build your business and actually live the dream!

Absolutely, I can't wait!

Let’s get started on your success story...

 Enrollment is now open!  

The course begins Monday 2nd May

Full Payment Option

  • One payment of $299 USD
  • Full access to the course starting on the 2nd of May 2022
Count me in!

Payment Plan Option

  • 4 monthly payments of $75 USD
  • Full access to the course starting on the 2nd of May 2022
I was born ready!

Want to learn how to create Patterns?

Pattern design shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I've designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your joy into your art so that more people want to pay you for your art!  This course, The Business of Surface Pattern Design, is just focused on the business side of Surface Pattern Design.  If you want to learn every aspect of the Surface Pattern Design industry, including how to create patterns in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and/or Procreate, signup for my signature course The Art & Joy of Surface Pattern Design, which is now available as a self-paced course.  It includes all the modules from The Business of Surface Pattern design also.

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